From 23 July 2017 - 20 October 2017

Multihull Solutions-Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia 2017

Keeping up the tradition of annual international sailing events across the stunning Indonesian seas, the Multihull Solutions-Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia 2017 will again take sailing ships and yachts for over 3 months from 23rd July to 20 October 2017 , to explore the many beautiful islands with all their natural and cultural wonders.

Entering its 3rd edition this year, the Multihull Solutions and the Ministry of Tourism as organizers promised an even bigger sailing event than previous years with more destinations on the itinerary.

"For over 3 months, rally participants will explore a wide variety of pristine exotic destinations stretching from the Moluccas and Flores in the east to the Riau islands in the western part of Indonesia. From southeast Maluku-Banda Neira-Namroli– to Wanci in the Wakatobi underwater paradise in Southeast Sulawesi and other fascinating islands, participants will be indulged with the outstanding beauty across the archipelago" said Raymond T Lesmana, representing the Organizers.

Yachters and sailors will feast upon the splendors of Southeast Maluku for 6 days from 23rd to 27th July before setting sail to Banda Neira famous for its valuable spices on 30th July-2nd August. Turning south, ships and yachts will enter Namrole on Buru Island and continue to the dive haven and underwater wonders of Wakatobi on 10th-13th August. "Here, they can watch dolphins swimming alongside yachts" added Raymond Lesmana.

Continuing further south, rally participants will reach Andora Island and Maumere on 16th-19th August before docking at Ende on Flores island on 21st-24th August. This town played an important role in the history of Indonesia's revolution, and it is also known for its mesmerizing pristine beaches.

Next destination is Labuan Bajo in west Flores. Here, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Komodo National Park to experience a close encounter with the amazing Komodo dragons, the largest lizard species on the planet.

Departing from Flores on 26th-29th August, the rally will continue to the tourist paradise of Lombok and Bali and explore the attractions on both islands. The Ships and yachts will sail up north and throw anchor in Kalimantan at Teluk Kumai, West Kotawaringin on 27th-30th September to enjoy a trek to the orangutan reserve of Tanjung Puting.

In the final lap, all ships and yachts will reach their final destinations in Indonesia situated in the western part of the archipelago. They will reach Bangka on 4th-8th October followed by Benan, in the Natuna Islands on 11th-14th October 2017, and Tanjung Pinang on Bintan Island on 15th-18th October. The mega sailing event will have its pinnacle closure on the island of Batam on 20th-23rd October 2017.

The complete route according to the last revision of 22nd February are as follows:

  • DEBUT (Sth East Mollucas) (23-27 July)
  • BANDA NEIRA (Banda Islands) (30 July – 2 August)
  • SOUTH BURU (4 – 7 August)
  • WAKATOBI (10 – 13 August)
  • MAUMERE (16 – 19 August)
  • ENDE (21 – 24 August)
  • LABUAN BAJO (26 – 29 August)
  • SUMBAWA (1 – 4 September)
  • N. LOMBOK (7 – 11 September)
  • N. BALI (14 – 17 September)
  • KUMAI (27 – 30 September)
  • BANGKA (4 – 8 October)
  • BENAN (11 – 14 October)
  • TANJUNG PINANG, Bintan (15 – 18 October)
  • BATAM (20 – 23 October)

The rally is open to vessels between 9 – 25 meters, Mono or Multi-hull, Power or Sail boats. Solo sailors are also accepted, although some conditions apply.

Visa and Customs Regulations

As regards Visa regulations, the free visa policy allows a period of stay for 30 days. If one were to use the Visa on Arrival facility, the length of stay is limited to 60 days. However, for the Multihull Solutions-Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia 2017, participants will be given the social culture visa that is valid for 60 days and can be extended by 4 x 30 days. Therefore, yachters and sailors may be able to explore the magnificent Indonesian waters and their abundant beauty during a total period of 6 months.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya explained that the current policies on in- and out - Clearance , Customs, Immigration Stamping of Passports, Quarantine, and other related regulations have been made easier for foreign yachts and ships. "Today, all you have to do is just log on to and fill in the necessary forms, and yacht can easily enter Indonesian waters. It's easy, and we continue to make improvements in our services," said the Minister.

The inaugural Sail 2 Indonesia Rally took place in 2014. In 2015 the Multihull Solutions joined as main sponsor for the second run of the event and the Multihull Solutions Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally became an annual event.

The Multihull Solutions Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Yacht Rally is a Joint venture between Raymond Lesmana and Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism with ICA handling Registration, Formal Paperwork co-ordination and forwarding to Indonesia for processing, the Cairns distribution of materials, briefings papers etc and the clearance of documents from Australia. At this point ICA hands over arrangements to Raymond Lesmana for overall rally control through Indonesia including a comprehensive technical briefing in Debut.

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