04 October 2017

Tet Trung Thu 2017

The Mid-Autumn Festival of Tet Trung Thu is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month – usually in September or early October – coinciding with the full moon.

Tet Trung Thu is formerly autumn festival, and then becomes tet trong trang (moon looking festival) of children. On this day, the moon is the brightest and roundest in the year, cool weather. During the festivities costumed children parade along the streets while singing and carrying colorful lanterns, often in the shape of fish, stars, or butterflies. Dances are also traditional, and they include the dragon dance and the flower dance. It is also customary at this time to give BanhTrung Thu, or boxes of mooncakes, which are traditional pastry sweets filled with lotus seeds, ground beans and orange peels, that are made with a bright yoke in the center to represent the moon.

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14 - 18 January 2019

Ha Long Bay,
Viet Nam