• Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival 21 May 2014

    Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival takes place every year on Sam Mountain. The ceremony, also called th..

  • Pahoy-Pahoy Festival 19 May 2014

    Every May, the quaint little town of Calbiga abounds with giant pahoy-pahoy (scarecrows) made o..

  • Obando Festival 17 May 2014

    This festival involves the different dance rituals held for three consecutive days honoring thr..

  • Royal Ploughing Ceremony 17 May 2014

    The Royal Ploughing Ceremony, or 'Bon Chroat Preah Nongkoal' in the Khmer language, is ..

  • Red Bull Air Race 17 May 2014

    The third race on the 2014 World Championship calendar will see the pilots descend on Putrajaya..

  • The Challenging Bintan Triathlon 2014 17 May 2014

    The challenging multi-sporting event, the Bintan Triathlon will once again spark up the ..

  • Asia Fashion Summit 2014 15 May 2014

    Gain insight into the world of fashion... Understand the business side of fashion and attend..

  • Full Moon of Kason 13 May 2014

    This ritual commemorates the date 2500 years ago when the Buddha gained enlightenment while med..

  • TRI-Factor Swim 2014 11 May 2014

    Plunge into one of Singapore's leading open water events... If your family loves making a..

  • Asia Pacific Hash 2014 across Bali, Flores and Komodo From 09 May 2014 - 11 May 2014

    The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will present the Wonderful Adventure Indonesia: Asia Pacific Hash 2014 ...

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