• Lao National Day 02 December 2014

    This celebrates the 1975 victory of the people over the monarchy. However, it is mainly a day f..

  • Subayan Keg Subanon 01 December 2014

    This involves a trade fair, a street theater performance, and songs and dances depicting the ri..

  • Pasko sa Tanjay Festival 01 December 2014

    This is a month-long Christmas festivity featuring cultural presentations and contests. Venue..

  • Tazaungmone Full Moon Festival 28 November 2014

    After the rains, the monks would need new robes and on the full moon day, the offering of new r..

  • Textile Craft Promotion 2014 27 November 2014

    This promotion showcases the beautiful textiles of Malaysia, such as batik and other materials...

  • Santa Ipon Festival 25 November 2014

    This is a thanksgiving celebration highlighted by the catching of the ipon, a small but mysteri..

  • The Jakarta Color Run From 23 November 2014 - 23 November 2014

    After its successful first edition on 26th January 2014 ...

  • Feast of San Clemente/Gigantes 22 November 2014

    This celebration is marked by giant papier mache effigies, natives in wooden shoes and costumes..

  • Urbanscapes 22 November 2014

    Urbanscapes is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. ..

  • Penang Bridge International Marathon 16 November 2014

    The Penang International Marathon caters to serious runners as well as amateurs from both local..

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