• Full Moon of Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent) 2017 05 October 2017

    This festival commemorates the time when the Buddha returned to earth after preaching in the abode of celestials during the three months of Lent. He descended at night and devotees greeted Him with lamps and lanterns. People decorate their houses with candles and coloured lanterns to symbolize this event. The festival of Light marks the end of Lent.

  • Perfect Livin 2017 From 05 October 2017 - 08 October 2017

    A lifestyle home furnishing exhibition under one roof providing a complete range of technologies and products.

  • Naga Rocket 05 October 2017

    The fireballs coming out from the water's surface can be seen once a year on the last night of the Lao Buddhist Lent. The Naga Rockets can be spotted where the Nam Ngum and the Mekong river meet in Thaprabath District, Bolikhamxay Province, as well as in Pak Ngum District, 60 kilometers east of Vientiane.

  • Kyaukse Dancing Elephant Festival From 04 October 2017 - 06 October 2017

    Visitors to Myanmar looking for something very out of the ordinary should attend the Dancing Elephant Festival held in Kyaukse, near Mandalay. However these marvelous performances are not the work of actual elephants, but teams of 2 men each in huge elephant costumes – made from bamboo and paper – who dance together in rhythm to the accompaniment of dobat and drums.

  • Mid Autumn Festival 2017 04 October 2017

    One of the loveliest Chinese festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore is about celebration with the family, lantern processions and oh-so-sweet mooncakes.

  • Tet Trung Thu 2017 04 October 2017

    The Mid-Autumn Festival of Tet Trung Thu is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month – usually in September or early October – coinciding with the full moon.

  • Lab Asia From 03 October 2017 - 05 October 2017

    The leading exhibition and conference for scientific instruments and laboratory equipment in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

  • Sakon Nakhon Wax Castle Festival 2017 From 02 October 2017 - 05 October 2017

    The Sakon Nakhon Wax Castle Festival is one of the most visually stunning and popular celebrations on the Thailand events calendar, with amazing wax castles and exciting long boat races on the reservoir.

  • Surat Thani Chak Phra Festival and Boat Races 2017 From 02 October 2017 - 10 October 2017

    The annual Surat Thani Chak Phra Festival and Boat Races, celebrating the symbolic return of the Lord Buddha’s to earth at the end of Buddhist Lent or Ok Phansa, is held in the southern Thai province of Surat Thani.

  • Sail Sabang From 01 October 2017 - 31 October 2017

    Celebrating the technology community of Sabang, Sail Sabang 2017 is not only a marine and cultural event, but also a technology event. Created for the first time in 2017, Sail Sabang event has been planned to hold a selection of delightful activities: yacht rally, tech seminars and exhibitions, Aceh cultural week, parade, and Sail Sabang Carnival.

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