• The resplendent Bali Arts Festival 2015 at Bali Art Center Denpasar From 13 June 2015 - 11 July 2015

    Presentations of the grand arts of the fabled island of Bali will again throw the spotlight on this tourist paradise as the 37th edition of the annual Bali Arts Festival will be rolled out from 13th June to 11th July 2015, to be centered around Bali's Art Center in Denpasar, capital of Bali Province.

  • Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2015 at the Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) and the Beachwalk Kuta From 10 June 2015 - 14 June 2015

    After the success of its inaugural edition last year, the paradise island of Bali is again all set and ready to present the wonders of the island and neighboring emerging destinations including Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Komodo, and the entire Indonesian Archipelago in the Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2015. The Fair is scheduled to be held from 10th to 14th June 2014, at the Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) and the Beachwalk Kuta.

  • Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2015 07 June 2015

    Laguna Phuket International Marathon is one of the biggest marathon in Phuket where there would be more than 6000 participants from over 50 countries. The race is divided into 5 running divisions and all routes will lead the participants to various sight-seeing places of Phuket including beautiful beaches.

  • Kuantan160 Century Ride 07 June 2015

    Attention to all avid cyclists around, the Kuantan160 Century Ride is back! The race, set in the scenic east coast town of Kuantan, Pahang, will challenge cyclists to complete a gruelling ride over 160 km. The journey is enriched with the culture and architecture of Kuantan. However, expect the hot weather and elevations to give you a real challenge. Whether you want to ride with a couple of friends or get a real work-out, this event invites you to challenge yourself and take a shot at surviving the 160 km bike ride.

  • Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 06 June 2015

    Organize light festival, bird nest festival, coffee festival towards Vietnamese sea and islands and many other exhibitions, arts activities...

  • Malaysia's Tadau Ka'amatan Open House Celebration 06 June 2015

    Come together and celebrate the Tadau Ka’amatan in Sabah! This month-long Harvest Festival celebrates the cultural lifestyle of the Kadazandusun community of Sabah. It is held to welcome the new Harvest Season and to offer gratitude for the good harvest. The event is usually celebrated with general merry-making, cultural performances, traditional sports, and of course, the Unduk Ngadau (Harvest Festival Queen) pageant. Guests will be enthralled by cultural performances and traditional delicacies. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to experience the hospitality and celebrations of the Sabahans.

  • Sunset Music Festival From 05 June 2015 - 06 June 2015

    Embark on a musical journey at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau in Sabah, the northern-most tip of Borneo. Delight in an evening of classical favourites and contemporary tunes brought to you by a talented line-up of performers as the sun sets over the Sulu and South China Seas. You won’t want to miss this amazing musical experience. The stage is set for one of the most breathtaking outdoor musical events of the year – right here at the iconic Tip of Borneo!

  • Malaysian Gawai Dayak Open House Celebration From 05 June 2015 - 06 June 2015

    Throughout the years, the Gawai Day has become a symbol of unity, aspiration and hope for the Dayak community. It is a day of giving thanks to the spirits that have bestowed a bountiful harvest to the community, and marks the preparation for a new farming season and life in general. The whole community takes part in the celebration which involves a lot of rituals, singing, dancing and sharing of traditional food and drinks such as tuak, a wine made of fermented rice. Enchant yourself by the various cultural performances and traditional delicacies.

  • Malaysian Dance Festival From 04 June 2015 - 06 June 2015

    The 2015 Malaysian Dance Festival brings together international and local choreographers, dancers and students in an exciting showcase of creative expression. Witness amazing choreography, and colourful set-ups as this event has been known to have crowned over 16 dance groups, eight from each traditional and modern category. Contestants will be judged in terms of performance, choreography, creativity and best costume. Come and support some of the finest dance crews battling it out at the DBKL auditorium at the 2015 Malaysian Dance Festival this June.

  • Full Moon of Kason (Buddha's Birthday) From 01 June 2015 - 01 June 2015

    This ritual commemorates the date 2500 years ago when the Buddha gained enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi tree...

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