• Nghinh Ong (Whale Worshipping) Festival 09 September 2014

    The festival is a chance for fishermen to express their gratitude towards the Nam Hai god (whal..

  • Boun Haw Khao Padup Din & Boun Haw Khao Salark Festival 08 September 2014

    This ceremony is an offering to the Ancestors' Spirits. It is a tradition that this time of..

  • Bromo Marathon 2014 07 September 2014

    Following the success of its inaugural edition last year, the Bromo Marathon 2014 is ..

  • Makassar Asian Cup 05 September 2014

    Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi Province, will host the Asian international Water..

  • FISE World Series 2014 04 September 2014

    Festival International Sport Extreme (FISE) was created in 1997. It is the worldwide biggest ac..

  • Hin-ay Festival 01 September 2014

    This features a cultural show, trade fair, and a street dance depicting the archangels' vic..

  • Bicol Food Festival 01 September 2014

    This is a festival of Bicol cuisine: pinangat and laing, bicol Express, inolokan or tilmak, pec..

  • Sarakiki Festival 01 September 2014

    The festival features street dancers dressed as cocks swaying to the beat of ancient Samare &am..

  • Kagayhaan Festival 26 August 2014

    This festival is highlighted by streetdancing participated by contingents from schools and civi..

  • Krakatau Festival 2014 24 August 2014

    The prime event of Lampung, - Sumatra’s southern-most province - the annual Kra..

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