Adventure Travel

If your idea of a Southeast Asia vacation involves a surplus of adrenaline, these adventure travel destinations will give you everything you need and more.

The region's warm seas, teeming undersea life, challenging limestone and granite cliff faces, raging rivers and scenic dirt trails provide a blank canvas for sweaty, risky fun. Add the region's customary radiant hospitality, and you've got yourself the ingredients for an adventure travel experience you'll want to repeat again and again.

Choose your adventure from the options listed below, and let the action-packed fun begin.

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  • Biking & Motor-biking

    Read all about two-wheeled adventure travel through Southeast Asia's urban and rural roads, covering both the motorized and human-powered kind...

  • Boating & Sailing

    Read about exploring Southeast Asia's rivers and seas by boat - from the region's rivers to the open seas...

  • Climbing & Caving

    All about exploring Southeast Asia's mountains and caves, catering to travelers seeking adventures at all altitudes...

  • Diving & Snorkeling

    Discover Southeast Asia's "Coral Triangle" and the undersea adventures you can find in its depths...

  • Endurance Sport

    Find out how you can push yourself to the limit, whether over flat roads or up the region's tallest mountains...

  • Fishing

    A lis of places and providers for tourists wishing to pursue sport fishing in Southeast Asia...

  • Flying, Parachuting & Parasailing

    How to take to the air in Southeast Asia, even without a flying license - parasailing, ziplining and other air-based activities...

  • Hiking & Camping

    Take to Southeast Asia's wildest and most untamed trails - check out the trekking and camping adventures listed here...

  • Surfing

    Surf's up in Southeast Asia, from established spots like Bali to newly-discovered surfing destinations like Siargao in the Philippines...


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