This may be the single greatest reason to some to Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asian countries, eating is a national pastime. The tastes are so amazing, so diverse, so fresh, so flavorful, so wonderful and occasionally, so wierd. Your favorite local ethnic restaurants received recipes from this region, but they can’t match the freshness of ingredients used here nor the experience and verve used to create the mouthwatering masterpieces.

Southeast Asian countries are homes to a unique melange of traditional cuisines. No one would go hungry in these lands of robust country fare. When in Asia, one would definitely forget that burger ever existed. The "Lemon Grass" cook book compiles various recipes from all the ASEAN countries. The title "Lemon Grass" is chosen simply because lemon grass is indeed a common ingredient in all Southeast Asian countries. The trace of these intensely fragrant stalks can be found in uncountable dishes throughout ASEAN member countries. We can almost say that lemon grass is the unifying force which binds all cuisines within and between ASEAN countries.

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      Leave the hostels, bars and the backpacker trails to the backpackers; the family-friendly side of Southeast Asia might be a little pricier, but compensates with an overall experience that both parents and little ones can enjoy to the hilt.

    • 07 Jul 2017 | by ASEAN Tourism Three Unforgettable Southeast Asia City Walking Experiences

      You miss the intimacy, the authenticity of Southeast Asia's cities if you only see them from aboard a tour bus. How can you best appreciate the scale of local historical buildings; the aroma and flavor of the street food; the busy-ness of the narrow market lanes? A bus or car-and-driver simply won't cut it; you'll need to get off the ride and explore by foot.

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      The Peranakan people could only have come from Southeast Asia...

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      Within the context of a continuing search for South East Asian dishes that are a bit more out of the ordinary...

    • 06 Apr 2015 | by ASEAN Tourism Far-flung ASEAN Culinary Delicacies

      Food from South East Asia has a well-deserved reputation, forming a sizeable and essential part of the tourists’...

    • 05 May 2014 | by ASEAN Tourism Mind Your Makrut

      Lending an essential fragrance and flavour to Southeast Asian cuisine, Citrus hystrix, commonly known as kaffir lime or makrut, is a thorny bushy tree native to the region ...

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      The exquisite flavours of wonderful foods and images of swaying palm trees are frequently evoked when people think of Southeast Asia ...

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      The spicy sauciness of Southeast Asian curries can be replicated in your kitchen ... but take a "currynary" tour of ASEAN first!

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      Forget about calorie-counting on your Southeast Asia holiday, and enjoy the many dining experiences the region serves up ...

    • 20 Aug 2013 | by ASEAN Tourism Five Challenging Foods & Beverages of ASEAN

      Southeast Asian cuisine not only offers the sublimely wonderful but also the shockingly weird. For travellers, challenging their taste buds is part of the fun ...

    • 03 Jun 2013 | by David Gillbanks Four Freaky Fruits of Southeast Asia

      A small selection of sweet and sour strangeness that originated in Southeast Asia ...

    • 30 Apr 2013 | by David Gillbanks Top Ten Quintessentially Southeast Asian Dishes ... Maybe!

      One dish from each Southeast Asian country that might be considered the iconic national dish ...

    • 23 Jun 2010 | by Cameron Cooper Another Side Of Singapore

      With spectacular all-in-one resorts like the new Marina...

    • 04 Jun 2010 | by Nicky Sering Revealing Catanduanes

      As local surfing’s popularity grows, overcrowding...

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