This may be the single greatest reason to some to Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asian countries, eating is a national pastime. The tastes are so amazing, so diverse, so fresh, so flavorful, so wonderful and occasionally, so wierd. Your favorite local ethnic restaurants received recipes from this region, but they can’t match the freshness of ingredients used here nor the experience and verve used to create the mouthwatering masterpieces.

Southeast Asian countries are homes to a unique melange of traditional cuisines. No one would go hungry in these lands of robust country fare. When in Asia, one would definitely forget that burger ever existed. The "Lemon Grass" cook book compiles various recipes from all the ASEAN countries. The title "Lemon Grass" is chosen simply because lemon grass is indeed a common ingredient in all Southeast Asian countries. The trace of these intensely fragrant stalks can be found in uncountable dishes throughout ASEAN member countries. We can almost say that lemon grass is the unifying force which binds all cuisines within and between ASEAN countries.

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    22 - 26 January 2018