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woman on surf board floating on water
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Soft Adventure, The Indonesian Way

One needs a glossary to describe the richness of that vast Archipelago called Indonesia, ranging from immense, lush and impressive to stunning, secluded and extraordinary.

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Biking & Motor-biking

In many parts of Southeast Asia, getting around on two wheels is the only way to go. Bicycles and scooters make up the majority of

Handsome kick boxer training kicking and punching boxing bag
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Muay Thai Elevated To Olympic Sport

Thai boxing, the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand, locally known as Muay Thai, is popular far beyond its borders. Yet, it took

Green mountain view at Chiang Dao
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Village Trails: Cycling in Luang Namtha

North Laos’ Luang Namtha lies in a valley covered with rice fields and quiet villages – a bucolic countryside with a remarkable biodiversity conservation area

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River Down Under

My excitement upon visiting Puerto Princesa came from curiosity at first. I’m from Davao City, which has a lot in common with Puerto Princesa. Apart

View Of Coral Reef
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The Hidden Wonders of Tubbataha Reef

One of the Philippines’ most precious natural treasures is also one of the most difficult to reach. Set in the middle of the Sulu Sea