Southeast Asia’s Most Dazzling Gardens

Botanical garden in Pamplemousses, Mauritius.Pond in the Botanical garden of Mauritius

The climate in Southeast Asia has gifted the region with an abundance of greenery and bright, tropical flowers, the best of which can be enjoyed in its botanical gardens. For starters, try these five for your next cross-ASEAN itinerary. Perdana Botanical Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur’s cherished botanical park is the total tourist package. Found […]

Southeast Asia’s Top Sunset Spots

Sunrise - Mandalay - Burma

You can view a sunset anywhere on Earth, but exceptional sunsets require going a little out of the way. Around Southeast Asia, a few places have gained renown for their ability to provide stunning sunset views. During dry, rainless months (coinciding with peak tourist seasons), sunsets can look especially vivid, particularly when set off against […]

Biggest, Tallest, Longest: Southeast Asia’s Record-Breaking Destinations

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest mosque stands in mute witness to faith of the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. Istiqlal Mosque was designed and constructed in the first few years of Indonesia’s independence: President Sukarno, who ordered its construction, wanted to demonstrate government support of Islam that could also coexist with other faiths (the Catholic Gereja Katedral Jakarta stands practically […]

Southeast Asia’s Friendliest Backpacker Districts

Backpacker on a small bamboo bridge in Thailand.

There’s no shame in visiting Southeast Asia on a budget. The region’s major cities welcome budget travelers with open arms, by providing backpacker districts lined with hostels, diners, and shops selling traveler necessities. Many of them give travelers their first look at the local culture, too, from cultural shows to restaurants hawking affordable local food. […]