Top Spa Stops in Southeast Asia

Travelers looking for some R&R from the bustling streets of Southeast Asia feel confident that they have the region’s wellness industry at their beck and call. Known for homegrown practices in massage therapy and holistic treatments, Southeast Asia’s spas take on an array of forms, from posh resorts to quick-fix massage parlors tucked away in […]

Deep Calm

A deep calm ensues as the massage progresses; you enter a dreamlike, meditative state; totally trusting even as your therapist walks all over you (literally). Your body relaxes, your joints loosen, your muscles stretch, and a sense of healing takes hold. By the end, you feel both relaxed and energized as if you have undergone […]

Spa-tacular Southeast Asia

Woman eating fresh fruit salad in flower bath in spa. Enjoying and relaxation in vacations

Do you wish to rejuvenate? Do you fancy having creams and lotions rubbed into your face? How about being wrapped up in mud or seaweed or yoghurt? Why not combine posh pampering with a luxury resort stay in a warm and spectacular Southeast Asian destination?  Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s most […]

Get the Lead Out: Detoxing in Southeast Asia

Wellness, spiritual practice with palo santo. Meditation and alternative therapy for mental

Contemporary city living is a fast-paced, finely-tuned operation that requires a lot of effort to maintain. Most of us take short cuts just to keep up with our own lives – fast food, sleep deprivation and non-existent downtime are the common time-saving devices – and while some people have a super-human ability to power through […]