Top War Memorial Sites to Visit

War veterans and history enthusiasts alike will find plenty to see and do throughout Southeast Asia. The region, after all, was hotly contested ground throughout the wars of the 20th century. The Allies and Japan fought over much of Southeast Asia during World War II; in the Cold War that followed, Indochina itself was engulfed […]

Easy Budgeting Tips for Travelers in Southeast Asia

Whether you’re exploring Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei or picking your way through Luang Prabang in Laos, the realities of traveling in Southeast Asia all boil down to money: how much you have, how you’re spending it, and how much you’ve got left. The smarter you spend your money, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the local […]

3 Top Cultural & Spiritual Activities in Southeast Asia

Take it slow in Southeast Asia, and you’ll be amazed at the cultural and spiritual activities around you that you’ll suddenly have time to enjoy. The region’s well-developed local cultures reward visitors who take the time to learn their ins and outs: invest in Southeast Asia’s cooking classes, wellness retreats and art workshops, and by […]

Cruises in Southeast Asia for Seniors

The nations of Southeast Asia have always looked to the sea. Historically part of maritime empires, the islands and coastlines that make up the best part of the region have long cultivated cities and cultures that respected oceangoing trade, and welcomed the visitors that came with it. A growing number of cruise companies now do […]

How to Stay Safe while Traveling in Southeast Asia

Is Southeast Asia safe for travelers? The answer to that should be – is any place in the world safe for travelers? While travelers in the region are relatively free from crime, disaster and armed violence, some parts must necessarily be riskier than others. “There are a few small regions I would probably avoid because […]

Top Senior-Friendly Destinations in Southeast Asia

“Baby boomers” – today’s traveling seniors – practically discovered Southeast Asia travel for the West. Boomers discovered Bali’s surfing. Boomers opened up Indochina. And boomers invented the backpacker hostels that now crop up at every top Southeast Asia city. Now that boomers are retired with spending money to spare, they’re coming back to Southeast Asia […]