22 June 2017


The most joyful thing about Jakarta’s Anniversary is its extraordinary parade, Jakarnaval. Starting from the Monumen Nasional (Monas) to the heart of Central Jakarta City, Hotel Indonesia’s roundabout, and ends on Semanggi area, the parade outlines Indonesia’s diverse cultures from Sumatra to Papua. Involving numerous cultural communities and art performers, this is your time to explore every aspect of Jakarta. This unique parade is unlike any other city parades, focusing on the art, musical, and dance performances. Decorated vehicles, colorful indigenous costumes, and entertaining tunes are certain to entertain the visitors in honoring the 490th Jakarta’s Anniversary. Be sure to see the colorful performances of this magnificent parade.

Jakarta Tourism Office
Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2, South Jakarta
+62215 205 455


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12 - 16 January 2020
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