24 August 2014

Krakatau Festival 2014

The prime event of Lampung, - Sumatra’s southern-most province - the annual Krakatau Festival will again be held this year from 24th to 31st August 2014.

Comprising an array of activities, these will take place in several different locations in the province.  Initiated in 1991, the festival is to remind all of the catastrophic eruption of Mount Krakatau that occurred on 26th and 27th August 1883, and to revitalize social, cultural and sports activities in the region.

The Krakatau Festival 2014 will commence on Sunday, 24th August 2014 with the opening ceremony at the Enggal Field in Bandar Lampung, capital of Lampung Province. The launch will be highlighted with Mass Aerobic Exercises, Gasing (traditional spinning top) and kites competitions, a Lampung Indie Movie Festival, a Modern Dance Competition, Krakatau Fun Triathlon, and Lampung’s authentic souvenirs competition.

There will also be a fine arts exhibition that will take place at the Enggal Art market from 24th to 28th August 2014. The exhibition will feature works from some of the finest  artists in Lampung. Also taking place at the Enggal Market is the“Lampung Karam” poetry reading that will be held on 25th-26th August featuring poets from Lampung and the Seribu Bulan (a thousand moons) community.

From 27th to 28th August, centered at the Siger Tower at Bakauheni Lampung, there will be a tour of the Siger Tower and Rimau Balak Island. Participants will be taken on a fun bike activity around Siger Tower all the way to Rimau Balak Island. The following day on 29th August, the festival continues with the familiarization trip to Kiluan Bay.

The Krakatau Festival Expo will highlight the festival on 29th to 31st August 2014 at Kalianda, in South Lampung. The expo will present various tourists’ destinations all over Lampung, a painting exhibition, culinary exhibition, and also Lampung’s authentic souvenirs. The Expo will be participated by Lampung’s Provincial Investment Board (BKPM), the office of industry and Trade of Lampung, Art and Handicraft Boards (Dekranasda) from all the cities and regencies in Lampung, and other tourism stakeholders in the province.

Those who wish to explore the underwater splendors of Lampung can join the Krakatau Fun Dive which will be held from 29thto 31st August 2014 at Kalianda, South Lampung. The Fun Dive will involve Diving and snorkeling communities from Lampung and other provinces.

The Pinnacle of the Festival will be the Krakatau Tour which will be held on 30th August 2014, departing from Bakauheni, South Lampung. Participants, comprising invited guests (ambassadors, tour operators, and investors) and the general public, will be taken to explore the remnants of the once mighty Krakatau vocano in the Sunda Strait as well as its emerging successor, Mount Anak Krakatau (The child of Krakatau).

The Tour will be followed with a Krakatau Night which will take place at Kalianda with a gala dinner and traditional music and dance performances. The next day, on 31st August the festival will close with a grand parade of The Legends and Glories of Lampung, a  Carnaval featuring the richness of Lampung’s culture.


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