24 September 2018

Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

Marking the end of the autumn harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival was traditionally a time to give thanks to the gods.

It is also a time of year that the moon is at its brightest, which is why lunar legends have always been attached to the celebration. Notably, the story of Chang Er, the wife of a merciless king who downed the elixir of immortality he had intended to drink, to save her people from his tyrannical rule.

The tale goes that she ascended to the moon after that, and has been worshipped by the Chinese as a Moon Goddess ever since.


Be one with the people (thousands of them, actually) as they tote their lanterns in a picturesque procession through this historic precinct, one of the most atmospheric neighbourhoods in Singapore.

Moonfest – A Mid-Autumn Celebration

At this annual Chinese arts festival, look out for a variety of folk arts performances such as Chinese opera, cross-talk and puppetry as well as the popular lantern walkabout – great fun for the entire family!

Chinese Garden

Be transported back into ancient China amid the sculptured beauty of the gardens, even as you take in the glowing lanterns.

Source: Singapore Tourism Board website

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