Country: Indonesia

Encompassing the largest archipelago in the world with over 17,000 islands – of which only 920 are permanently populated – and a population of 245 million people, Indonesia is one of Asia’s most diverse landscapes and cultures. There are many sights to see, and adventure is available at every turn. From the colossal volcanic lake Toba in Sumatra to the coral colonies of Raja Ampat in West Papua via the rice terraces of Java and Bali, Indonesia is certainly not lacking in places to explore. One can enjoy beaches and mountains, wide open spaces or the close quarters of a packed club, and temples or snorkelling. There is truly something for everyone, and that is why Indonesia is one of the choice destinations for those looking for a breath-taking experience. 


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Country: Indonesia
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12 - 16 January 2020
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

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