Off the Beaten Path: Trekking in Luang Prabang

Hikers trekking in a forest together

Luang Prabang may be Laos’ most avidly-visited tourist destination, but tourists only need to step out to the surrounding countryside to go off the beaten track into some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. As you tread the local countryside paths, you’ll also venture into villages populated by Luang Prabang province’s three main […]

Trek Through Virachey National Park’s Unexplored Corners

Kuang Si Waterfa near Luang Prabang Laos

Occupying over 3,300 square kilometres of protected area in Stung Treng and Rattanak Kiri provinces bordering Laos and Vietnam, the Virachey National Park protects some of Cambodia’s last pristine rainforests. The biggest of Cambodia’s seven national parks, Virachey serves as a front line in the battle to save the nation’s precious natural ecosystem and its […]

Sukabumi’s Extreme Nature Treks

Hikers trekking in a forest together

The slopes of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park are close enough to Jakarta to serve as a weekend getaway from the capital’s heat and traffic. Most refugees from Jakarta go through the Puncak-Cianjur route to the park, but those with a bigger appetite for adventure tolerate the four-to-five-hour drive from Jakarta to the town of […]

Soft Adventure in Lao PDR

Beautiful waterfall in Laos

The Democratic Republic of Laos is a landlocked country that can’t boost of beaches, but otherwise is blessed with an abundance of natural and cultural resources and a dominantly rural, very hospitable population. No wonder over 3.6 million visitors flocked to the country in 2013[1], doubling the number of 2008. From those who stayed over […]

An Epic Hill Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake

Inle Lake, Myanmar »; March 2018: Farm fields near Inle Lake

The hiking trails from the hill station of Kalaw to Inle Lake vary in length, but all of them offer an undiluted Myanmar countryside experience:  you’ll walk past farmlands that used to grow opium, but now specialize in cash crops like cabbage, potato and canola; you’ll explore villages occupied by Taung Yo, Danu, Palaung, and […]

Soft Adventure in Brunei

Rice terraces. Banaue, Philippines

While its big neighbour by which it is embraced on three sides receives over 25 million international tourists annually, the tiny Islamic Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam welcomes a mere one hundredth of that number. Yet, unquestionably it’s as ‘truly Asia’ as Malaysia is; and the Philippines, one may add, since the current country is all […]

Trekking in Southeast Asia

Tired of watching the scenery pass you by as you ride from place to place? Consider hoofing it instead. In Southeast Asia, you have an almost endless selection of trails to hike through, if traveling on wheels has lost its charm. Southeast Asia’s trekking trails, go through jungle, farmland, desert… even up the side of […]

Soft Adventure Around Cambodia’s World Heritage “Angkor”

Traveler in the ancient temple

By far Cambodia’s claim to fame is the vast Hindu temple complex Angkor, a World Heritage site that attracts over 2 million foreign tourists alone, more than half of the country’s total. For over 5 centuries it was the capital of the Khmer empire that incorporated much of South-East Asia, exercising a lot of political […]

Traipsing through the Treetops at Macritchie Reservoir

Tall green pine treetops from below to upwards, background.

Surprising to many visitors to Singapore, nature and greenery has been flourishing hand-in-hand within this well-known concrete jungle. The Tree Top Walk is the first of its kind in Singapore and the region – a free-standing suspension bridge spanning Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang, the two highest points in MacRitchie. From the bridge, travelers get […]

The Mountains of Sagada: A Hike in the Heavens

Young woman traveler at cave entrance on island hopping in Cheow Lan Lake

Hiking through Sagada takes you through the Cordillera Mountains’ peaks, caves and falls, and serves as an object lesson in isolation: its remote location prevented Spanish conquistadores from setting foot in the region, preserving the indigenous culture of the people. At the tourism office in town, you can book a starter sight-seeing tour that stays […]