If I Had 2 Weeks In Southeast Asia Id…

Man traveler looking at green rice terraces field in Chiangmai Thailand

SoutheastAsia.org asked its writers what they would do with 2 weeks to spend in Southeast Asia. Call me sentimental, but I’d probably spend most of my two weeks growing weepy and wistful, retracing faded steps, especially through Laos, my home for two years in the 90s, just as it was emerging from the sloth of the […]

The Rivers Wild: Touring Borneos Liquid Lifelines

Mountain river and dense jungle. Sumatra, Indonesia.

Once cave dwelling went out of style, the peoples of Borneo looked towards the liquid highways of this giant island to establish settlements and make contact with the outside world. Having a reputation for being blood-thirsty headhunters roaming jungles infested with equally blood-thirsty wild creatures probably wasn’t the best idea for a public relations campaign, […]

Lone Sharks: Diving With The Gentle Giants Of SE Asia

Diver swimming with Whale shark, underwater view, Cancun, Mexico

My face just beneath the surface of the sea, breathing rapidly through a snorkel after a hurried leap into the water, I looked where the guide was pointing but saw nothing. After half an hour on the Filipino outrigger, was this nothing but a false alarm? Then there it was, suddenly, a huge dark shape […]

Wildlife Ecotourism Boosting Cambodia, Malaysia And The Philippines

Monkey, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Southeast Asia

I’m in a protected forest in Cambodia’s Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area, staring through a high-powered telescope at a Great Hornbill. Five minutes before I had little idea what a Great Hornbill was. Now I am gaping in awe at this incredible looking bird, its massive beak curved like a scimitar. In a neighboring tree a […]

Soft Adventure Around Cambodia’s World Heritage “Angkor”

Traveler in the ancient temple

By far Cambodia’s claim to fame is the vast Hindu temple complex Angkor, a World Heritage site that attracts over 2 million foreign tourists alone, more than half of the country’s total. For over 5 centuries it was the capital of the Khmer empire that incorporated much of South-East Asia, exercising a lot of political […]

A River Runs Through It: The History, Wildlife and Culture of the Mekong

Beautiful view of Mekong river with blue sky

The Mekong River carries Southeast Asia’s cultural diversity and history from Laos’ forested northern mountains to Thailand and Cambodia’s rice fields, and visitors can easily access its many highlights and experience the local’s lifestyle along the way. The Mekong begins its lengthy Lao journey at Luang Namtha Province by carving the border with Myanmar’s Shan State through […]

Nature Calls: Day Tours from ASEAN’s Capitals

Rain forest

If you are on a short visit to a Southeast Asian capital city for business or leisure but fancy heading out of town for a day to experience a slice of paradise in a national park, then we have 10 suggestions for you.  From Bandar Seri Begawan, Borneo Darussalam: Ulu Temburong National Park in the easternmost […]

Love Trunk: The Elephant Sanctuaries of Thailand

Elephants at sunrise in Thailand

Thai Elephants have had their share of problems over the last few decades. As with any industrializing country, much of Thailand’s success has come at a cost to its ecological heritage, leaving tame elephant refugees incapable of returning to the wild. Elephants have long been a national symbol in Thailand. They once served as an […]

Davao: Highland To Island

Tropical palm trees and dramatic sunset sky on the tropical island of Rarotonga, Cook Islands, backg

It’s difficult to write about one’s own hometown objectively when you only have superlatives to describe it. Forgive the intensity of a Dabawenya like me who grew up in a place blessed with abundant food, uncontaminated air, and the sweetest tasting water—and that’s only half of it. How do you enjoy the largest city in […]

Exploring Southeast Asia’s Traditional Villages

Village in Palawan

Southeast Asia’s country villages are a throwback worth visiting, for travelers weary of the rush of modern life. The region’s rural hamlets and settlements open your eyes to a different kind of culture, unfiltered and in the raw. While these places take a little effort to reach, you’ll find that taking the trouble to find […]