About Asean Tourism

A physically and culturally perse part of the world, Southeast Asia is memorable for the warmth of its tropical climate, hospitable people, and flavorful cuisine.

The Southeast Asia: feel the warmth brand, campaign, and website positions the 10 Southeast Asian countries collectively as a highly desirable tourism region. The members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to benefit from Southeast Asia: feel the warmth are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Travelling through these ten ASEAN nations offers unlimited variety in terms of culture, landscape, people, flora and fauna, food, handicrafts, entertainment, shopping, recreation and excitement.

While there is unity in terms of peaceful cooperation within ASEAN nations, the region is best known for its persity. The fascinating and unlimited variety this region offers is unique and can only be experienced by visiting Southeast Asia.

Nine-arch bridge in Sri Lanka. Beautiful railway bridge in Asia. Nature of Sri Lanka

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ASEAN tourists can experience wild life to city life to snow – capped mountains to dense tropical rainforests; from serene beach life to a bustling city life. No two countries are the same yet their unity is impeccable.

The people of ASEAN live both a simple and complex lifestyle – a sight only to be admired. There are a multitude of ethnic groups inhabiting the region and many still live a traditional way of life. To an outsider, the traditional lifestyle may appear simple, but the cultural traditions, beliefs, attitudes and values are often very complex but suited to their respective environmental situation. In other parts of the region you will witness towering skyscrapers mushrooming in the cities with a dynamic way of life. Be among the privileged to witness the multitude lifestyle in this region.

Sunset in a beautiful temple in prambanan, Yogyakarta, Java. Indonesia

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Why Asean tourism?

There are many magical and memorable tourist attractions within Southeast Asia. The cultural monuments, heritage, landmarks, historical buildings are only sights to be experienced.

Food is yet another attraction of ASEAN. Tourists can sample nasi campur in Brunei Darussalam, pang chiav pancakes in Cambodia, ayam goreng in Indonesia, a spicy laap salad in Lao PDR, nasi lemak in Malaysia, mohinga fish and noodle soup in Myanmar, adobo in the Philippines, char kway teow in Singapore, fiery tom yam kung in Thailand and delicious pho soup in Viet Nam.

The region is like no other – always different, always exciting and always eye catching.

The most diverse, beautiful, enjoyable, and accessible landscapes in the world.

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