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Food Tours in Southeast Asia

I knew I was on to something special when I entered the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre in Singapore. This was street food, yes, but not

Flatlay of fresh limes and mint in wooden plate

Mind Your Makrut

Lending an essential fragrance and flavour to Southeast Asian cuisine, Citrus hystrix, commonly known as kaffir lime or makrut, is a thorny bushy tree native to

Raw Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

The Sweet Sap

The exquisite flavours of wonderful foods and images of swaying palm trees are frequently evoked when people think of Southeast Asia. Perhaps not readily apparent

Spices on black background

Saucy, Spicy Southeast Asia!

From the Tamil word ‘kari’, meaning ‘spiced sauce’, comes the word ‘curry’, adopted by the British to refer to hot, spicy, gravy-based dishes. A number