Thailand: Community-Based Tourism

Thai house on river

Thai communities will welcome you with open arms, once you visit their far-flung villages to see local sights like tea plantations, raging rivers and fruit farms. 1.1. Mae Kampong Village, Chiang Mai Province A visit to Baan Mae Kampong in Northern Thailand takes travelers to a cool, forested settlement over 1,300 meters above sea level. […]

Living Local: 5 Unforgettable Homestay Experiences in Southeast Asia

KUCHING / SARAWAK / MALAYSIA / JUNE 2014: Traditional local arc

In parts of Southeast Asia, you’ll find few hotels but plenty of homestays, where locals open their own homes for travelers to stay in. Guests at these homestays experience the “local” lifestyle and culture intimately; the accommodations tend to be basic (no air conditioning; squat toilets located far from the rooms; sometimes no electricity) but […]

Cambodia: Community-Based Tourism

Village house in cambodian countryside

Don’t just visit a Cambodia community – be part of it, by sleeping in a local homestay and participating in local activities. 1.1.  Chi Phat Community-based Ecotourism in Koh Kong Province Chi Phat in Koh Kong province is one of Southeast Asia’s largest tracts of rainforest, and combines both natural and cultural treasures in a […]

Lao PDR: Community-Based Tourism

Backstreets in Luang Prabang, Laos, Southeast Asia

Laos’ communities provide unique experiences in all forms, from exposure to Laos’ traditional crafts to ziplining above an extinct volcano. 1.1. Homestay Ban Naduang Village, Vang Vieng District The village of Ban Naduang is as close as you can get to living the Lao farming life: an immersive overnight stay at a local’s house, eating […]

Myanmar: Community-Based Tourism

Landscape view of traditional wooden houses on Inle lake, Myanmar

These community activities allow visitors to see tribal and countryside life in Myanmar – with magnificent natural wonders as a backdrop. 1.1.  Kyaing Tong, Eastern Shan State The capital of Myanmar’s Golden Triangle Region is also a cultural hub for 13 tribal communities. At Kyaing Tong, travelers can encounter tribespeople from the Ahku, Ahka, Palaung, […]

Viet Nam: Community-Based Tourism

vietnamese traditional village

To experience Vietnam at its friendliest, go way off the beaten path to its villages in the countryside, where community-based travel experiences will show you a different side of the local culture. 1.1. Dong Van Karst Plateau Even more compelling than the karst landscape that serves as the Dong Van Karst Plateau’s backdrop are the […]

Singapore: Community-Based Tourism

Public house in Singapore

Singapore’s local culture runs deep, and is tied to Singaporeans’ passion for good food and friendly neighborhoods. 1.1. Local Food / Street Food The national passion for food can best be experienced by visiting one of the hundreds of hawker centers in Singapore – there’s one on almost every corner! Singapore’s hawkers formerly sold their […]

Indonesia: Community-Based Tourism

Indonesian home above volcanic Lake Maninjao

Indonesia’s communities welcome visitors with open arms – these villages expose travelers to fascinating individual facets of Indonesia found nowhere else in the world. 1.1. Pentingsari Village Pentingsari Village lies close to Yogyakarta and Mount Merapi, a cool countryside getaway surrounded by fruit trees and riverbanks. A visit to Pentingsari will immerse you deep into […]

Malaysia: Community-Based Tourism

Kuala Lumpur Downtown, Malaysia, urban city in Asia.

Malaysia’s local communities live in harmony with nature and one another – and a homestay in their midst is the perfect opportunity to be part of their intertwined lives, if only for a while. 1.1. Homestay at Kampung Kuala Medang, Kuala Lipis, Pahang From this traditional village in the hinterlands, travelers can easily reach rapids […]

Philippines: Community-Based Tourism

Philippine traditional village

Filipinos’ warmth and hospitality are a tourist attraction by themselves, as you’ll find out for yourself in the community-based activities presented here. 1.1. Abatan River Community Life Tour A leisurely boat ride takes visitors from the Abatan River Visitor Center in the Bohol town of Cortes, sailing down the river to visit five communities in […]