Alternative Stops for Popular Southeast Asia Destinations

Has Southeast Asia “jumped the shark”? Judging by the crowds jostling for a sunrise view over Angkor Wat during peak season, you might think so. But don’t write off the rest of the region just yet! Go a little further off the beaten track, and you’ll find beaches that look just as splendid as Phuket’s, […]

Cycling to Samui: Riding Down Thailands Inner Coast

A young man is relaxing after cycling in a park.

Although there are a glut of trails that run over Koh Samui’s nature friendly southern coastline, this route along the coast of Surat Thani makes for a more varied pedaling experience and makes for a perfect ride to the South and its surrounding islands. Start from the district town of Lang Suan, which sits on […]

A Road Trip in Tropical Paradise

Landscape of tropical island . Horizontal image.

The opening riff of Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” is on repeat in my mental iPod as palm trees blur by, brilliant green against a tropical sky. I’m trying to remember the words to the second verse as my motorcycle speeds up the scenic coastal road on my way to Indonesia’s Lombok Island. Sure, a […]

Beaches in Southeast Asia You Know (and Some You Probably Don’t)

With its position astraddle the Equator, Southeast Asia practically owns the tropical tourist experience – and the presence of the world’s region, you’ll find a fair amount of tourists with surfing boards in tow, anticipating the swells and best beaches is a major part of its appeal. In almost any airport in the sunshine awaiting them on […]

The Rivers Wild: Touring Borneos Liquid Lifelines

Mountain river and dense jungle. Sumatra, Indonesia.

Once cave dwelling went out of style, the peoples of Borneo looked towards the liquid highways of this giant island to establish settlements and make contact with the outside world. Having a reputation for being blood-thirsty headhunters roaming jungles infested with equally blood-thirsty wild creatures probably wasn’t the best idea for a public relations campaign, […]

Camiguin Calling

Tropical coral reef on Upolu island, Samoa, perfect for snorklin

It is hard to imagine that the second smallest island in the Philippines has seven volcanoes, a few majestic waterfalls, pristine beaches, historical sites, and smaller islands surrounded by rich marine life and populated by genial island people. But here I am on a ferry heading to the Benoni Port, looking at the blue-ridged volcanic […]

Getting Lost in the Calamianes Islands

Tropical island at Philippines

Sailing into the quiet bay of Coron on the first day of 2009, I found myself counting life’s blessings as I gazed at the limestone islands and white sandy beaches, the northeasterly breezes blowing all my worries away. On the deck, budding photographers clicked away at the passing scenery while other holiday makers sunned themselves […]

ASEAN’s Sea Gypsies: In Sync with the Tides

Ocean coast landscape with cliffs and islands at Andaman sea

The sea gypsies of Myanmar and Thailand’s Andaman coast managed to escape the worst of the Boxing Day 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. They noted the receding tide and the change in currents, recalled the stories of their ancestors, and retreated to higher ground. Coastal settlements and boats were inevitably lost but very few of their […]

The Serendipitous Nature of Travelling Through Southern Cambodia

Beach Party

“Hey, you guys were here last night!” shouted a mop-haired Aussie tout to my wife and I as we meandered past waterfront pub, JJ’s Playground, on Sihanoukville’s Serendipity Beach. Never mind that it was 9am and we had our 4-year-old daughter in tow. In this guy’s world, there was only one reason anybody comes to […]

Channelling Gilligan: Southeast Asias Amazing Islands

Shimizu Island, Bacuit Archipelago, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, Asia

There are literally thousands of islands in South-East Asia, ranging from tiny, uninhabited atolls to heavily populated slices of land, larger than some European countries. It would take a lifetime to explore all the islands in the region but these are 10 islands I think all tourists should have on their must-visit list: PhuketThailand’s largest […]