Taste the Local Culture through Southeast Asia’s Noodle Dishes

Rice noodles with vegetables and prawns

On my first full day in Myanmar, I met my tour guide at our first stop on a tour of the neighborhoods around Shwedagon Pagoda: Daw Cho, an unassuming noodle stall on Old Yay Tar Shay Road off the ancient pagoda’s eastern entrance. As far as introductions to ordinary Myanma life went, Daw Cho could […]

My Little Paradise in Isan

Portrait of an Adult Monkey in Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

I have been to PhuWua Wildlife Sanctuary several times because I love trekking, watching the beautiful sceneries of Isan wild nature and hearing the sounds of the forest. And another reason is I live in a big city where nature is difficult to find. This time I stayed there two days and Peter, a volunteer […]

My Volunteer Experience

Volunteer teacher helping school kids at their desks

I arrived in Nongkhai, Thailand in September. I had no idea what to expect except for that was going to a volunteer center to be trained for a few days in the local culture and language and then off to an eco-volunteer project in northern Thailand. After the initial excitement of the Tuktuk ride (small […]

Southeast Asia’s Unique Fabric Art

Colorful Fabrics at Otavalo market in Ecuador.

For generations now, the graceful, colorful and intricate patterns that adorn batik cloths from Southeast Asia have captured the imagination of fashion-conscious travelers. Today’s batik-seeking tourists follow in the footsteps of 19th-century Dutch colonists in Indonesia: captivated by the radiant batiks worn by the Javanese, the Dutch brought batik artists to Holland in the 1830s, […]

Food Tours in Southeast Asia

Asian food. Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine

I knew I was on to something special when I entered the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre in Singapore. This was street food, yes, but not street food as we know it: sanitized, brightened, but still emanating that undeniable authenticity handed down by generations of Singaporean food sellers. But as traditional as they were, they the Old […]

Top Art Destinations in Southeast Asia

mural at Angkor Wat,cambodia

The arts of Southeast Asia are intimately tied with the local religion and culture. Each country draws from the region’s abundant natural riches – gold, precious metals, natural pigments and clay – to create cultural treasures without compare. While some cultures share some artistic ties based on their common religious roots, each country’s art is uniquely its […]

3 Questions To Ask Before Volunteering In Southeast Asia

Asian female volunteer interacting with man with box

When a major disaster hits the news, everybody wants to visit the affected area and help. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se: it’s difficult to sit in your comfortable living room and do nothing when horrific images of suffering and destruction flicker on the TV. But visiting Southeast Asia to help when disaster […]

More Extraordinary ASEAN Culinary Delicacies

Spicy seafood with herbs Thai food

Within the context of a continuing search for South East Asian dishes that are a bit more out of the ordinary, lesser known and not everywhere available, in a previous article a dying out fish preparation (“Ikan Masak Tanah Liat), a rare breed of crab (“Talangka”) and a protein rich meal (“Cha Ruoi”), respectively from […]

Mind Your Makrut

Flatlay of fresh limes and mint in wooden plate

Lending an essential fragrance and flavour to Southeast Asian cuisine, Citrus hystrix, commonly known as kaffir lime or makrut, is a thorny bushy tree native to the region. Makrut leaves, which grow in figure-eight-shaped pairs, are very hard to substitute from many Southeast Asian dishes. They are used whole like curry leaves or bay leaves to […]


Beautiful Woman wearing typical Thai dress

reetings from Southeast Asia: How to Say Hello without Offending Anyone Southeast Asia’s famous warmth will increase a degree or two if you demonstrate some effort to learn some manners. As first impressions count for so much, it’s best to start with your greeting! [The following is very general in nature and is based on […]