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11 April 2019

The 2nd ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Awards Launched

Sustainable tourism operators in Southeast Asia can now enter the 2nd ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Awards (ASTA), which have been launched as part of ASEAN’s Tourism Strategic Plan 2016-2025.


Wellness in ASEAN: Thailand and Vietnam Blog Part 2

Wellness in ASEAN: Thailand and Vietnam Part 2

Welcome to Wellness in ASEAN! Here, we’re traveling throughout all of Southeast Asia so that we can share the region’s most coveted and tranquil getaways with you. Places where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and carve out a well-deserved moment of peace, all to yourself.

For this post, we’re exploring two beloved ASEAN countries — Thailand and Vietnam. Both hold a wealth of holistic opportunities, whether you’re a tourist, backpacker, or returning guest. No matter how many times you visit, these countries always seem to have another oasis that has yet to be revealed.

Wellness in ASEAN: Philippines and Singapore

Welcome to Wellness in ASEAN, where we explore the most excellent sources of relaxation and self-care that southeast Asia has to offer. For many, rejuvenation or only “getting away from it all” are big reasons why they travel to this part of the world. With an abundance of spas, resorts, retreats, and tranquil locations to choose from, it’s merely the perfect destination for your wellness getaway.

Today, we’re putting a spotlight on the Philippines and Singapore. Whether you’re seeking an island-hopping adventure or a spa experience that’s in the lap of luxury, you’ll undoubtedly find a wide array of holistic options between these two nations.


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12 - 16 January 2020
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


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