Four Unforgettable Motorbike Adventures in Southeast Asia

You’ll love Southeast Asia’s wide-open spaces – great to travel through by bus or car, and even more awesome to explore by motorcycle. Traveling on two wheels takes you to places that cars and buses can’t, and provides encounters that you won’t be able to do otherwise. The bloggers who share their experiences below met […]

Biking & Motor-biking

In many parts of Southeast Asia, getting around on two wheels is the only way to go. Bicycles and scooters make up the majority of wheeled transport in cities like Hanoi in Vietnam; as you venture away from urban areas, you’ll find dirt trails and lonely highways that lead to temple ruins in Cambodia and Hmong villages in Laos. […]

Village Trails: Cycling in Luang Namtha

Green mountain view at Chiang Dao

North Laos’ Luang Namtha lies in a valley covered with rice fields and quiet villages – a bucolic countryside with a remarkable biodiversity conservation area within easy traveling distance.  From Luang Namtha’s new town – where you can easily hire a motorbike or a bicycle – it takes only a few minutes to travel to […]

Cycling to Samui: Riding Down Thailands Inner Coast

A young man is relaxing after cycling in a park.

Although there are a glut of trails that run over Koh Samui’s nature friendly southern coastline, this route along the coast of Surat Thani makes for a more varied pedaling experience and makes for a perfect ride to the South and its surrounding islands. Start from the district town of Lang Suan, which sits on […]

From Siem Reap to Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap by Bike

Riding bike on bike path

The roads leading from Siem Reap to the nearby temples and towns seem tailor-made for bike journeys. Level and mostly shaded by trees, these numerous trails lead you off the tourist-beaten path and into the heart of the real Cambodia: the rice fields, villages, and monasteries where the Khmer people live, work and play. You […]

Cycling Through Wonderful Indonesia

If Cycling is your cup of tea, then Indonesia is your answer for your perfect Cycling holiday.  The islands’ imposing lush mountains, blue lakes, white sand beaches, transparent aquamarine seas and green paddy fields, altogether form the perfect countryside to cycle through,   both for leisure or as challenging course.  While the warm and friendly welcome […]

A Road Trip in Tropical Paradise

Landscape of tropical island . Horizontal image.

The opening riff of Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” is on repeat in my mental iPod as palm trees blur by, brilliant green against a tropical sky. I’m trying to remember the words to the second verse as my motorcycle speeds up the scenic coastal road on my way to Indonesia’s Lombok Island. Sure, a […]

Cranking Through The North: Cycling Southeast Asia

Cycling in sunset tropical forest

Southeast Asia, and Indochina in particular, offer some of the world’s best cycling routes; spectacular journeys along tropical coastlines, through verdant jungle and rice terraces, and over craggy mountain ranges. span>The variety of rides is simply staggering, from highly technical mountain biking and long haul road trips to gentle rides and brief excursions suitable for […]

If I Had 2 Weeks In Southeast Asia Id…

Man traveler looking at green rice terraces field in Chiangmai Thailand asked its writers what they would do with 2 weeks to spend in Southeast Asia. Call me sentimental, but I’d probably spend most of my two weeks growing weepy and wistful, retracing faded steps, especially through Laos, my home for two years in the 90s, just as it was emerging from the sloth of the […]

Adventure Tours in Southeast Asia

Girl enjoys a beautiful view, Krabi, Thailand

To extreme thrill-seekers, life without the imminent risk of death is as boring as a box of cauliflower. (How else do you explain something as blatantly mad as base-jumping?) But you don’t have to risk losing limbs to get endorphins pumping. There’s plenty of safe adrenalized action, well-organized by experts, to be had in Southeast […]