Biking & Motor-biking

In many parts of Southeast Asia, getting around on two wheels is the only way to go.

Bicycles and scooters make up the majority of wheeled transport in cities like Hanoi in Vietnam; as you venture away from urban areas, you’ll find dirt trails and lonely highways that lead to temple ruins in Cambodia and Hmong villages in Laos.

For adventurers looking for an up-close, intimate look at their destinations of choice, a biking adventure throughout Southeast Asia should be on the top of their list.

Biking expeditions throughout the region comprise a wide range of adventures – from exploring Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, to cycling down peninsular Malaysia‘s west coast, to exploring Bali, Indonesia‘s hinterlands. You can bring your own bikes… or rent one from a trustworthy provider. And whatever your budget, timetable or destination, you’ll find a trail or route in the region with your name on it.

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