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Angkor Wat Temple - Cambodia. Ancient architecture
Cultural and Heritage Tourism

Cambodia: Cultural & Heritage Tourism

The glory of the Khmer Empire lives on in these temple ruins in Cambodia; at least two have won UNESCO World Heritage recognition. 1.1. World

Culture, Heritage & Homestay

Exploring Southeast Asia’s Royal Palaces

They ruled Southeast Asia once upon a time, though their lives were hardly the stuff of fairy tales. Before Europeans changed the local political landscape,

A woman sitting alone in ancient temple in Ayutthaya , Thailand
Cultural and Heritage Tourism

Thailand: Cultural & Heritage Tourism

Influences from successive empires – among them the Khmer and Sukhothai – have left behind a number of historical ruins that modern tourists can still

Rice terraces. Banaue, Philippines
Cultural and Heritage Tourism

Philippines: Cultural & Heritage Tourism

Rice terraces, ancient churches and “dreamweavers” only scratch the surface of the Philippines’ rich cultural pickings available to every tourist brave enough to venture off