Top War Memorial Sites to Visit

War veterans and history enthusiasts alike will find plenty to see and do throughout Southeast Asia. The region, after all, was hotly contested ground throughout the wars of the 20th century. The Allies and Japan fought over much of Southeast Asia during World War II; in the Cold War that followed, Indochina itself was engulfed […]

Brunei Darussalam: Nature-Based Tourism

Rain forest

Find nature untouched by human hands in Brunei’s rainforests, mangrove stands and islands. 1.1.  Ulu Temburong National Park Spread over 500 square kilometres of rainforest in the Temburong exclave east of Bandar Seri Begawan, Ulu Temburong National Park takes visitors to the heart of Southeast Asia’s least-touched, wildest rainforest. Apart from the canopy walkways suspended […]

Alternative Stops for Popular Southeast Asia Destinations

Has Southeast Asia “jumped the shark”? Judging by the crowds jostling for a sunrise view over Angkor Wat during peak season, you might think so. But don’t write off the rest of the region just yet! Go a little further off the beaten track, and you’ll find beaches that look just as splendid as Phuket’s, […]

Soft Adventure, The Indonesian Way

woman on surf board floating on water

One needs a glossary to describe the richness of that vast Archipelago called Indonesia, ranging from immense, lush and impressive to stunning, secluded and extraordinary. It has an abundance of natural and cultural resources to which the country attaches great importance. Hence, Indonesia’s tourism development, based on the Tourism Act, specifies that it should be […]

Four Unforgettable Motorbike Adventures in Southeast Asia

You’ll love Southeast Asia’s wide-open spaces – great to travel through by bus or car, and even more awesome to explore by motorcycle. Traveling on two wheels takes you to places that cars and buses can’t, and provides encounters that you won’t be able to do otherwise. The bloggers who share their experiences below met […]

Biking & Motor-biking

In many parts of Southeast Asia, getting around on two wheels is the only way to go. Bicycles and scooters make up the majority of wheeled transport in cities like Hanoi in Vietnam; as you venture away from urban areas, you’ll find dirt trails and lonely highways that lead to temple ruins in Cambodia and Hmong villages in Laos. […]

6 Awesome Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures in Southeast Asia

Man tourist looks at the sulphur lake on the Ijen volcano on the island Java in Indonesia.

Dayak longhouse, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Image courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia. Go beyond the usual and blaze your own path through these less-trafficked areas in Southeast Asia. You’ll find experiences not usually written about in the guidebooks – through jungle and river, amidst strange cultures little discussed in the guidebooks, you’ll do […]

Muay Thai Elevated To Olympic Sport

Handsome kick boxer training kicking and punching boxing bag

Thai boxing, the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand, locally known as Muay Thai, is popular far beyond its borders. Yet, it took a while, to be more precise several hundreds of years after its origin, before it was recognized by the Olympic Committee and lifted to an Olympic sport, recently. Originally developing […]

Diving in the Similan Islands: No Pain, No Gain

Scuba diving at similan islands

The diving scene on Thailand’s west coast can be quite intimidating for newbie divers, but experienced ones appreciate the challenging currents and depths in these waters. The Similan Islands are the perfect object lesson in the rewards that come with a little added difficulty. The Similan Islands are made up of nine landmasses and smaller […]

Village Trails: Cycling in Luang Namtha

Green mountain view at Chiang Dao

North Laos’ Luang Namtha lies in a valley covered with rice fields and quiet villages – a bucolic countryside with a remarkable biodiversity conservation area within easy traveling distance.  From Luang Namtha’s new town – where you can easily hire a motorbike or a bicycle – it takes only a few minutes to travel to […]