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Sapa in Vietnam
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Soft Adventure in Vietnam

Vietnam tourism policy is geared towards promoting its abundantly available nature (N) and culture (C) products, next to increasingly more developed and accessible beach (P)

Coffee plantation in the misty forest in South Asia
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South East Asia’s Soft Adventure

A couple of years ago the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) revealed a series of tourism trends in Asia Pacific[1]. A few of those are

Cup of Tea in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
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Soft Adventure in Malaysia

I once happened to live on a tiny island in the Caribbean, called Saba. It measured 8 square kilometers; had 1,200 inhabitants, three small hotels

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Cycling Through Wonderful Indonesia

If Cycling is your cup of tea, then Indonesia is your answer for your perfect Cycling holiday.  The islands’ imposing lush mountains, blue lakes, white

Thailand, Krabi, Thaiwand wall, man climbing in rock wall
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Thailand’s Sophisticated Array of Soft Adventure

Thailand’s well-deserved reputation as a world class tourism destination with a highly varied product assortment (nature/culture/beach/adventure/entertainment) geared to all walks of life, is corroborated when