Alternative Stops for Popular Southeast Asia Destinations

Has Southeast Asia “jumped the shark”? Judging by the crowds jostling for a sunrise view over Angkor Wat during peak season, you might think so. But don’t write off the rest of the region just yet! Go a little further off the beaten track, and you’ll find beaches that look just as splendid as Phuket’s, […]

Southeast Asia’s Most Thrilling Mountain Treks

Slopes of Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia. Image courtesy of the Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, used with permission. Bitter sub-zero temperatures, oxygen tanks and frostbite – these hazards of hiking in the mountains elsewhere in the world simply don’t exist in Southeast Asia. Don’t get us wrong, many of the trails around Southeast Asia’s highest peaks offer […]

Delving Deep Into ASEAN Caves

Seeking the passage to the center of the earth? Head to one of ASEAN’s hundreds of crevices, chasms, caverns, and underground rivers for a great subterranean adventure. And, you don’t have to be a hardcore spelunker to explore the caves, as the region’s porous limestone geology offers amazing experiences for every level of expertise and […]

Sunrise On Mt. Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu at sunset

I wouldn’t begin to deny that the view from the top of Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu at sunrise is impressive. What I would say is that scrabbling up there in the cold and wet pre-dawn darkness is not my idea of fun. Mount Kinabalu is among the best known attractions in Borneo. Reaching 4,095m above sea […]

Davao: Highland To Island

Tropical palm trees and dramatic sunset sky on the tropical island of Rarotonga, Cook Islands, backg

It’s difficult to write about one’s own hometown objectively when you only have superlatives to describe it. Forgive the intensity of a Dabawenya like me who grew up in a place blessed with abundant food, uncontaminated air, and the sweetest tasting water—and that’s only half of it. How do you enjoy the largest city in […]

Hanging Out with the Hill Tribes

Vietnamese Old woman craftsman making the traditional vietnam

ASEAN hosts hundreds of diverse ethnic groups, some of which are indigenous to Southeast Asia, and others that migrated from South Pacific islands and the mountains of Southern Asia and China. Though the majority settled in the fertile lowlands and river valleys, some decided to remain on higher ground. Most hill tribes reside in northern […]

Cordillera In The Mist


One weekend, a friend and I packed our bags for a trip to the northern mountains. Our plan was simple: from Manila, we would tackle the Cordillera loop, entering via Baguio en route to the Mountain Province and exiting through Banaue town in Ifugao. Traffic on the main route to Baguio was surprisingly light on […]

A Backpackers Guide to the Galaxy

Backpacker Tourist

If you are slinging on the backpack and travelling to Southeast Asia for the first time, here are a few words of sage advice to ensure the experience is the happiest it can be. 1. Pack Light Your backpack may not seem heavy when you put it on at home, but after six blocks in the […]

Hiking And Trekking In Southeast Asia

The diverse landscape that exists in Southeast Asia is an explorer’s paradise.  Jungle treks, mountain hikes, hillside tribes, remote temples, stunning vistas, the list goes on.  When CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper first left highschool, he grabbed a video camera and headed to the border of Thailand and Myanmar to find out about the area.  That […]