The Great Outdoors: Exploring The Philippines Northern Landscape

Beautiful landscape of a rocky bay of Philippine Islands.

There is a kind of magic that draws you to Tuguegarao, where no tourist leaves this place without being fascinated by its charms. Whether it is for a day, a weekend or much longer, Tuguegarao City has risen to become one of the most popular destinations. Nestled in Cagayan Valley up north, this city takes […]

Brunei’s Natural Splendor

Tropical beach in the Dominican Republic at dawn

Brunei is rightly proud of its conservation efforts, most recently joining the Heart of Borneo initiative which is acting to save one-third of Borneo’s rainforests where endangered species such as the orang-utan, pygmy elephant and clouded leopard can be found.  More than 70% of Brunei’s land area is covered by primary rainforests, and the country […]

If I Had 2 Weeks In Southeast Asia Id…

Man traveler looking at green rice terraces field in Chiangmai Thailand asked its writers what they would do with 2 weeks to spend in Southeast Asia. Call me sentimental, but I’d probably spend most of my two weeks growing weepy and wistful, retracing faded steps, especially through Laos, my home for two years in the 90s, just as it was emerging from the sloth of the […]

Beneath The Surface: Fishing For Bangkoks Big Cats

Underwater bottom-up silhouette of a big catfish

Hidden in the heart of Bangkok’s sweltering cement soup-bowl of a city, sits a peaceful little lake rimmed with A-frame huts and silent swaying sawgrass.  Set away from the madness of Bangkok’s traffic, Bungsamran Lake exists as if in a different world.  Which is fitting, because the massive creatures that swim beneath it’s tranquil surface definitely look otherworldly. […]

The Rivers Wild: Touring Borneos Liquid Lifelines

Mountain river and dense jungle. Sumatra, Indonesia.

Once cave dwelling went out of style, the peoples of Borneo looked towards the liquid highways of this giant island to establish settlements and make contact with the outside world. Having a reputation for being blood-thirsty headhunters roaming jungles infested with equally blood-thirsty wild creatures probably wasn’t the best idea for a public relations campaign, […]

A River Runs Through It: The History, Wildlife and Culture of the Mekong

Beautiful view of Mekong river with blue sky

The Mekong River carries Southeast Asia’s cultural diversity and history from Laos’ forested northern mountains to Thailand and Cambodia’s rice fields, and visitors can easily access its many highlights and experience the local’s lifestyle along the way. The Mekong begins its lengthy Lao journey at Luang Namtha Province by carving the border with Myanmar’s Shan State through […]

Southeast Asia Lakes You’ll Love

Historically, Southeast Asia’s most picturesque communities thrived along the region’s lakes. In modern times, tourism has overtaken traditional livelihoods, as travelers to Southeast Asia check out the charms and countless adventures found along local lakesides. The Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia’s northwest holds an almost sacramental importance to the nation. Lakeside communities provide a glimpse of traditional […]

Gone Native In Ormoc

bamboo raft in the water, nature tourism

A bamboo raft, more like a floating cottage really, glides serenely on the dark water of the guitar-shaped Lake Danao, cited as the Cleanest Inland Body of Water in Region 8 for three consecutive years. There are no motorized vehicles of any kind allowed here, so the stillness is only broken up by bird calls, […]

Faith in the North: Southeast Asias Popular Religious Festivals

Three female friends enjoying festival

Southeast Asia is a place of vibrant ethnic and religious diversity. The northern region is predominantly Buddhist but ancient spiritual beliefs also play a major role in many people’s lives. In Vietnam, the most important festival is Tet (short for Tet Nguyen Dan, meaning ‘the first day’) which occurs in late January/early February at the same […]

Set Adrift: Tubing Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng

When it comes to popular backpacker japes, “tubing” – floating peacefully downriver on a giant inflatable inner-tube – is up there with debauched “full moon parties” or trekking upon elephant back to “hill-tribe” villages in the Golden Triangle. Indeed, Lonely Planet describes this well-established tourist lark as “one of the rites of passage of the Indochina backpacking […]