Southeast Asia’s Most Dazzling Gardens

Botanical garden in Pamplemousses, Mauritius.Pond in the Botanical garden of Mauritius

The climate in Southeast Asia has gifted the region with an abundance of greenery and bright, tropical flowers, the best of which can be enjoyed in its botanical gardens. For starters, try these five for your next cross-ASEAN itinerary. Perdana Botanical Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur’s cherished botanical park is the total tourist package. Found […]

Southeast Asia’s Top Sunset Spots

Sunrise - Mandalay - Burma

You can view a sunset anywhere on Earth, but exceptional sunsets require going a little out of the way. Around Southeast Asia, a few places have gained renown for their ability to provide stunning sunset views. During dry, rainless months (coinciding with peak tourist seasons), sunsets can look especially vivid, particularly when set off against […]

Biggest, Tallest, Longest: Southeast Asia’s Record-Breaking Destinations

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest mosque stands in mute witness to faith of the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. Istiqlal Mosque was designed and constructed in the first few years of Indonesia’s independence: President Sukarno, who ordered its construction, wanted to demonstrate government support of Islam that could also coexist with other faiths (the Catholic Gereja Katedral Jakarta stands practically […]

Southeast Asia’s Most Famous Shopping Streets

Blurred defocused abstract background of people walking on the street in Orchard Road in Singapore

Bargain finds, curios of different kinds, high-end retail goods  — Southeast Asia’s shopping streets have them all. Never content to keep shopping locked away in malls and markets, Southeast Asia locals have taken their wares out to the sidewalks and thoroughfares, allowing easy access to ambulatory travelers with the stamina to walk for miles for […]

Southeast Asia’s Friendliest Backpacker Districts

Backpacker on a small bamboo bridge in Thailand.

There’s no shame in visiting Southeast Asia on a budget. The region’s major cities welcome budget travelers with open arms, by providing backpacker districts lined with hostels, diners, and shops selling traveler necessities. Many of them give travelers their first look at the local culture, too, from cultural shows to restaurants hawking affordable local food. […]

Shopping in Southeast Asia’s Traditional Markets

Grand Bazaar showcase

Malls may be taking over Southeast Asia’s cities, but don’t count traditional markets out yet. Markets are still going strong, even in the region’s increasingly air-conditioned shopping landscape. That’s because old habits die hard: families in Asia still prefer to get their fresh produce, traditional crafts and household items from open-air (and very aromatic) traditional […]

Raise Your Golf Game in Southeast Asia

From Brunei to Viet Nam, golfers wishing to improve their game will find great instructors, excellent facilities and world renown golf courses. Qualified professionals coaches hold programmes for everyone from beginners, to groups and families, to advanced players. Facilities include Arnold Palmer-designed courses, covered and lit driving range bays, simulators, short game and bunker practice […]

Southeast Asia’s Unbeatable Bargain Shopping

Siem Reap city at the sunset

Hunting for bargains in Southeast Asia is an experience, so start your hunt today. You can find great deals on everything from clothes, bags, accessories, antiques, to electronic goods, handicrafts and hard-to-find collectables. You can find them at malls, markets and shopping streets. Prepare to haggle in a friendly way, which is all part of […]

Fairways Southeast Asia

The 10 Southeast Asian nations of ASEAN offer everything a golfer could want, from high-end exclusivity to casual fun, city courses with skyscraper views to fairways fringed by ancient rainforest, established golf tourism hubs to up-and-coming destinations off the beaten track. Do yourself a favour and plan your next golf holiday in Southeast Asia. Brunei […]

On Par in Myanmar: Golfing Amongst the Pagodas

Wedged between Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand, the country of Myanmar – one of the least known countries in Southeast Asia – is unlike any of its neighbors.  Those venturing into this enigmatic land will find a nation that has chosen its own path forward.  Plan your itinerary to include the must-see quartet of […]